MTG – Experience Magic: The Gathering Lore Like Never Before! “Under The Silver Moon”

Magic Story is the audio presentation of Uncharted Realms, the weekly Daily MTG column that tells the lore behind Magic: The Gathering.

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Cast (in order of appearance)
Narrator – Austin Schumacher
Farmer Warin / Elder Kolman / Seated Man / Bystander #1 – Nathan Ondracek (Twitter / Instagram: @nondracek)
Alena / Wife Warin / Mrs. Palter – Lauren Byrd
Halana / Elder Glather / Bystander #2 – Lyndsey Wegner
Lady Elsa Shoran – Kaitlyn Lavo
Innkeeper / Cathar Palter – Tom Lund
Arlinn Kord / Director – T Katz
Music & Sound Design – Ansh Rajput (Instagram / Twitter)
Sound Engineer – Andrew Menjivar
Theme composer – Gurdit Singh
Cover Art Designer- Brian Lang
Executive Producer – Shaun Penrod

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