MTG – A Guide To Buying Magic: The Gathering Cards Using TCGPlayer Direct

The Professor’s Special TCGPlayer Direct Link:

Note: Orders $25 and above ship free US domestic. Under $25 it’s just $0.99.

TCGplayer Direct lets gaming fans get the cards they want all together in one package for the best price possible. Start with the open market of eBay and add the amazing customer service and convenience you’d get at Amazon and you have TCGplayer Direct.

When you place your order, TCGplayer ships everything in one package straight from our warehouse. The cards are carefully graded and packaged, and our dedicated customer service team is standing by to help if anything goes wrong with delivery. Behind the scenes, the stores who sold you those cards send in a resupply to TCGplayer so that our inventory stays stocked and ready for you to visit again.

Please note: While TCGPlayer did sponsor this video, it’s content, including my words and opinion of their service, is all my own. I have made sponsored videos where I failed products, and ones where I said they were just okay. I consider TCGPlayer Direct to be an excellent service. The sponsorship for this one video helps the channel, and everyone wins.