Kiora Bests The Sea God – A Magic The Gathering Saga (exclusive Theros preview / spoiler card)

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Maria Pendolino as Kiora – @mariapendo
Charlie Emmeline Albers as Thassa – @CharlieEAlbers
Wolf Williams as Narrator – @WolfWilliamsVO
Story by – Kelly Digges
Sound Design & Editing – Scott Cullen
Special Thanks
Blake Rasmussen
Wizards of the Coast
Victor Adame Minguez
Tyler Jacobson – Jason Chan
Yeong-Hao Han – Chris Rahn
Piotr Dura – Clint Cearley
Pindurski – Brian Valeza
Jack Wang – Adam Paquette
Mathias Kollros – Tyler Jacobson
James Zapata – Dimitar Marinski
Cliff Childs – Jason Rainville
Music – Kevin Macleod

Music Courtesy Of:
“Vintage Education” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0