Dredgeless Dredge for Pioneer | A Magic: The Gathering Deck Building Guide

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Dredgeless Dredge Deck List
4x Sticher’s Supplier
2x Deathrite Shaman
4x Satyr Wayfinder
4x Narcomoeba
4x Prized Amalgam
2x Undercity Informer
4x Haunted Dead
4x Gather The Pack
4x Grisly Salvage
4x Driven // Despair
4x Creeping Chill
4x Blooming Marsh
4x Overgrown Tomb
3x Woodland Cemetery
3x Llanowar Wastes
3x Swamp
3x Forest
2x Ultimate Price
2x Abrubt Decay
2x Den Protector
2x Gurmag Angler
2x Thoughtseize
3x Return To Nature
1x Noxious Grasp
1x Display Of Dominance

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