Tolarian Winds: The Secret Of Magic: The Gathering Lairs, Local Games Stores, and Singles Sales

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Last Thursday, Wizards of the Coast had a surprise announcement that Secret Lair would be returning at the end of the month, with the special ‘Year Of The Rat’ Secret Lair drop which will be available for 24 hours on January 27th, and just like last time, it will only be available for purchase through their online website, and will be printed to demand.

In my ‘Is it worth it to buy video’ about the previous secret lair, I said that I wanted to focus my evaluation on the consumer and not the larger implications of the product. Well, THIS video is not about the consumer, and it is NOT about whether it is worth it to buy Secret Lair Year Of The Rat, but it IS where I would like to discuss those larger implications, as they are both myriad and intense.