Review: The BCW Prime X4 XL Gaming Box for Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Flesh And Blood and More

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Expanded and redesigned from the 60 card model, the XL can now hold up to 4 – 100 card double sleeved decks, perfect for Commander, as well as double or single sleeved Modern, Standard, and Legacy 60 card decks with 75 card sideboards, and of course decks for games like Pokemon and Flesh and Blood.

The XL also features two compartments for additional cards such as tokens, sideboards, Equipment, etc., and two removable trays that can hold a wide size variety of dice, including the oversized deluxe spindowns from gift bundles, commander arsenal lifekeepers, and that really big but really cool planar die.

And speaking of planechase, the compartments feature removable dividers that can reconfigure the interior to hold oversized cards, unsleeved, sleeved, or even in top loaders. This is great for bringing a planechase deck or for those few eccentric commander players who love the now discontinued oversized commander cards.

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