PKMTCG – Is it worth it to buy a Pokémon World Championship Deck?

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Many Pokemon Trainers ask the question: “Is it worth it to buy a World Championship Deck?” Replicas of the 60-card decks used by the World Champions of each year, World Championship decks are quite possibly the strongest, most finely tuned and competitive decks from their respective Standard.

However, due to their silver border and commemorative card back, the cards within them are not tournament legal and can only be played with friends in casual games.

So are these decks a good deal for new players? Casual players? What about enfranchised and experienced trainers? Or are they not worth your poke-dollars? Let’s take a look!

A World Championship deck contains the following: 1 world championship booklet, 1 60-card champion deck, a special 2016 world championships pin, and a world championship begin-quotes deck box end quotes deck box, which is a small cardboard box that won’t hold these cards if you sleeve them.

These are the exact decks played by the World Champions of the Pokémon TCG
100% identical, so for only $12.99 you are getting one of the best decks in Standard
for Pokémon TCG.

So the question is: WHY? Why buy these at all if the cards can’t be played with at Pokemon events and tournaments? Why spend money on cards you can’t play with at official events?

Well, the first answer to that is glaringly obvious: because the majority of players don’t play at official events or in tournaments, and so who cares if you are just playing with friends?

Final Thoughts:

While not tournament legal, Championship decks have many applications for new and established players alike.

They can serve as a learning tool, to experience and understand finely tuned competitive decks.

They are a great and affordable way to play with some of the best standard decks of the year without spending the price of those decks.

In many ways, multiple copies of these are like a Pokemon TCG board game, something you can sleeve up and take down from the shelf to play with friends who may not even have standard decks of their own.

Amazing for anyone looking for high level, competitive play, but not looking to ever go down to official tournaments and events.

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