PKMTCG – Is it worth it to buy a Legendary Battle Deck for Pokemon TCG?

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Many Pokemon trainers ask the question…is it worth it to buy a Legendary Battle Deck? Possibly intended to lure Pokemon Go! Players into the TCG with the iconic symbols of teams mystic, valoor and instinct, these decks come both at the end of a year full of 20th anniversary celebrations. But are these cards to be coveted by collectors and competitors alike, or has nostalgia finally hit a point of oversaturation. Let’s take a look.

The first thing to point out is that none of these decks are not Standard legal, they are Expanded decks, but not particularly competitive ones at that. There are, however, some good cards here, but the decks as a whole aren’t going to be very successful unless to do a major upgrade, or, much more likely, just strip for parts taking the cards you need and discarding all the rest.

In addition to the Legendary birds, each deck contains the appropriate Eevee evolution from Plasma Freeze.While many of the individual cards within them are played in Standard, some of which even being staples, this supplemental set is meant to encourage and support the extended format, and thus nothing is being added to standard through it.

Of the Eevee evolutions, Flareon with its Vengeance attack is probably the most appealing, but again, while there are a few decent cards and of course the holo energy, the Pokemon themselves are unplayable in standard. For expanded, while I am happy to see the format supported, there’s not really any in demand cards here. An no, still no Shaymin reprint.

Featuring Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres and other cards largely from Plasma Storm, one can’t help but draw the comparison between these decks and the recent Pokemon Go craze. It actually makes a lot of sense to try and capitalize on the excitement for Pokemon Go and direct potential new players to the card game through doing things like a legendary birds set. Unfortunately, the execution here leads much to be desired.