MTG – Top 5 Ixalan Predictions for Magic: The Gathering (no leaks)

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Since Hour of Devastation has barely just had its prerelease, Wizards of the Coast is already hyping the next Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, Unstable, Iconic Masters, Dominara, Masters 25, Core 2019….seven sets taking us into 2019, so that means there’s no time to lose when it comes to making predictions for the next set.

Please note: I have not read nor am I just personally interested in the massive leaks that have already happened for Ixalan. Don’t care if you read them, they’re just not interesting to me. Eh. For all I know some of my predictions will be confirmed or denied by these leaks, but just know that these predictions were made without my having read them.

BUT Before I get to my preposterous predictions, let take a look at my score from Amonkhet block…

So what do I predict for Ixalan? How about this for a start: no world in peril. Considering we just came from the Hour of Devastation, the depressing misery of destruction where even the gods themselves died in pain, I think Ixalan is going to finally, finally, be the set where THE ENTIRE WORLD is not at stake, and we can focus on characters, exploration, and adventure.