MTG – The Best Card Cases for Magic: The Gathering Cubes, Decks, and Deckboxes

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The Ultimate Guard SuperHive 550+ is one of the newest additions their line of card storage, featuring two main compartments for cards and a prized playmat with a smaller tray for dice. It can hold roughly 550 double-sleeved cards, or about 650 single sleeved cards for your cube. In addition to loose cards, the SuperHive 550+ continues the tradition of Ultimate Guard products playing well with each other, accommodating a variety of deckboxes in its outer compartment. I was able to fit five of the 100 card Boulders in it without any issues, six of the 80 card Boulders, or four of the 80 card Sidewinders without any issues. You could also fit five of the 100 card sidewinders, but hopefully by now you get the picture – the SuperHive works well with its smaller counterparts, and provides a great way to store all of your compatible deckboxes in one place.

The Dex Protection Supreme One Row is designed to store large collections of cards, like a cube or perhaps a Modern or Legacy gauntlet. It can hold about 550 double-sleeved cards, or about 600 single sleeved cards in its plush, real suede scarlet interior. Seven infernally strong magnets hold the lid in place and DO. NOT. BUDGE, even when completely full of cards and given a strenuous shake test. I could maybe see this box opening if you drop it from a fairly tall height…but that’s a pretty small corner case and not something most Magic players do on a daily basis.

The Dex Protection Supreme Game Chest is quite possibly, the best box out there for your cube right now on the market. It combines the carrying capacity of the Supreme One Row with Dex Protection’s Game Chest, fusing it together to create a box that can hold over 800 double-sleeved cards between the top and bottom compartments, not to mention a significant amount of dice and tokens in its two slide out trays. Like the Supreme One Row, the Supreme Game Chest has Dex Protection’s signature real red suede interior and a smooth, matte exterior. However, also like the Supreme One Row, the outside material also has a tendency to pick up marks and scuffs. It’s not terrible, but it was definitely noticeable after using after a few weeks. Definitely a disappointing feature given how useful and compact the Supreme Game Chest is in and of itself.