MTG – Mono Black Ponza, The $20 Pauper Land Destruction Deck for Magic: The Gathering

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1 Barren Moor
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3 Diabolic Edict
4 Chittering Rats
4 Choking Sands
4 Dark Ritual
2 Dusk Legion Zealot
4 Gurmag Angler
4 Icequake
2 Night’s Whisper
4 Peat Bog
1 Radiant Fountain
4 Rancid Earth
4 Sign in Blood
1 Snuff Out
14 Swamp
2 Thorn of the Black Rose

2 Befoul
1 Diabolic Edict
4 Cuombajj Witches
2 Doom Blade
2 Nausea
3 Pestilence
1 Tendrils of Corruption

Are you looking for a deck that’s cruel, mean spirited and rotten to the core? Are you a sick individual who only has fun playing Magic if you can make your opponent miserable? Do you have a cold, black heart that only pumps out a slick black bile? Well then have I got a deck for you!

Mono Black Ponza – The Pauper Land Destruction Tech that let’s you Wreck the Heck out of your opponent’s Deck. Mono Black Ponza takes one of if not the most unfun things in Magic, the ability to destroy your opponent’s lands, and runs wild with it, throwing in cruel removal and chittering rats to essentially lock your opponent out from, well doing anything. The deck is super competitive, highly versatile, and best of all costs only about $20 dollars to build. It’s Pauper, so no card here will ever rotate, that 20 dollars gets you a deck for life, although fair warning, once your friends realize your on land destruction they may tell you to get a life, or a new set of friends. FUN! Let’s take a look!