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What is sealed? Sealed is the limited format primarily played at prerelease and launch events. All players are given 6 booster packs to construct a 40 card deck from.

Players are allowed to add however many basic lands they wish, but besides that, they must build their deck using only cards from the 6 boosters they opened, otherwise known as their pool.

Deck may be no fewer than 40 cards, however, they can be larger than 40 cards. The remaining cards that were not used in the deck are all considered to be the sideboard.

A player may use as many copies of a card as she or he has within their pool, which means that a player can theoretically use more than four of a single card.

The basic ratio for a sealed deck is 22-23 spells and 17-18 land. Building a deck in excess of 40 cards is generally advised against, as is building a second deck from your sideboard cards and switching decks during the second or third game of a match.
Sealed tends to have a reputation as being highly dependent on luck. While this is true, and certainly no amount of skill can change the cards you are randomly given in a sealed event, there is a still an intensive amount of skill used in determining which cards should go in your deck.

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