MTG – Is it worth it to buy a Starter Cube for Magic: The Gathering?

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This channel is sponsored by Card Kingdom. As always, while Card Kingdom’s support of the channel is appreciated, my review and my evaluation are just that: my own, Card Kingdom did not even get any advanced screening of this video prior to it going to air.

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Many Magic: The Gathering players ask the question: Is it worth it to buy a starter cube? Cube is quite possibly the apotheosis of Magic: The Gathering, the greatest expression of the game in the ultimate format. Unfortunately, Cube is also extremely expensive, with even non-Power cubes often costing in the high hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Now, Card Kingdom has released a Starter Cube, designed and refined by Magic pro and game designer Chris Van Meter, and priced at only $99. But is this a genuine cube experience of balanced yet powerful Magic gameplay, or just a strictly worse cube that can’t hold a candle to the real experience? Let’s take a look!

But first, I quick word about this video. This channel is sponsored by the maker of this product, Card Kingdom, a Seattle based brick and mortar game store with a growing online presence, but my review of their product is just that: my own. Card Kingdom neither instructed me to make this review, nor have they even seen so much as a draft of the script for it. Although I am indeed sponsored by them I want to keep my evaluation open and honest as I would for any other review.

And thus along those lines, I am posting the entire deck list for the Card Kingdom Starter Cube in this video’s description. You do not have to buy this product from card Kingdom, there is no mystery as to the cards contained within, and you may assemble the components yourself either from your own collection or other sellers as you see fit. I am reviewing the construction of this as a Starter Cube, in other words, I am analyzing and evaluating the CUBE itself and asking if this gameplay experience is worth $100, but the complete list is yours for free and you may do with it what you wish.