MTG – Advanced Cube Construction 301 – Design And Upgrade Your Cube For Magic: The Gathering

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Advanced Cube Construction, a guide to Design theory and Upgrades strategy for Cube. When you first start building cubes, the focus is on individual cards, and individual colours. People usually start out by putting a bunch of cards that they own in a box and hoping for the best (albeit ensuring that there are an equal number of cards in each colour). Or they’ll by constructing a “Best of Magic The Gathering” style list with all of the best cards ever printed. That’s a fine way to start out, but where do we go from there?

This video will advanced concepts of designing and upgrading your cube. Please note: this video is on the advanced level, and meant for people who already familiar with cube, and likely have a basic cube of their own.

When you started your cube journey, cube was likely just about individual cards and individual colors. Your initial approach to your list may have been put together using broad brush strokes – “Blue is the Control Color”, “Red is the Aggro Color”, “Green is Ramp” – Perhaps you could show some stereotypical cards at this point, Counterspell, Goblin Guide, Llanowar Elves etc.

A great way to improve your cube is to start thinking about two color combinations. What do you want the two color combinations to do? Assuming you decide to build a typical cube where the cards are split evenly between all five colors, then the majority of the time your drafters will end up picking cards from two colors.

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