MTG – A Guide To U/B Modern Faeries for Magic: The Gathering

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3x Ancestral Vision
4x Bitterblossom
2x Countersquall
2x Creeping Tar Pit
2x Cryptic Command
4x Darkslick Shores
1x Disfigure
2x Inquisition of Kozilek
4x Island
3x Mistbind Clique
1x Murderous Cut
4x Mutavault
4x Polluted Delta
4x Secluded Glen
2x Fatal Push
4x Smuggler’s Copter
3x Spell Snare
4x Spellstutter Sprite
1x Swamp
2x Thoughtseize
3x Vendilion Clique
1x Watery Grave

2x Collective Brutality
2x Dismember
1x Dispel
3x Hurkyl’s Recall
4x Leyline of the Void
2x Surgical Extraction
1x Engineered Explosives

All faeries delve for dreams. But not all wait for their victims to fall asleep.

At night, the faeries steal dream stuff for their queen. At daybreak, countless creatures wake weak and hollow.

Faeries hang beings that interest them as ornaments in the sky, each clique competing to outshine the prize of the last.

Oona’s song is like a twisted dinner chime. All the faeries return home, but it is Oona who feasts—on the stolen dreams and rumors they serve her.

Modern Faeries is combination of control and aggro, using everything from hand disruption and counter magic to creature swarm and synergy.

The recent printing of smuggler’s copter has finally put this deck over the top, allowing the deck to run a little bit of everything and offer a precision cut to your opponent’s defenses.

This is a deck where your role as pilot is critical. It is not a deck with a single focus, unloading like a deadly game of solitaire, but rather requires you the player to be making key decisions every step of the way. Let’s take a look!

The key faerie creatures in this deck are vendillion clique, spellstutter sprite, and mistbind clique, as of which are incredibly power in relationship to one another.

Vendillion clique is one you are probably already familiar with, as many, many other decks run it main board given the power of a 3/1 flash flyer that lets you look at target player’s hand, pick a card from the hand, shuffle that card back into their library then draw another card.

Flash this in during your opponent’s endstep to tuck away a key piece of their hand, and then have a ready to attack 3/1 flyer during your turn. Or flash it in as a surpise blocker and psedo removal during combat, still reaping the hand disruption benefit.

To add to the incredible flexability here, you can target yourself if you have a dead card in hand, and hopefully draw into something relevant instead. It’s an incredible card, and we’ll run 3 of them in this deck.

Mistbind clique is the clique you probably aren’t as familiar with, but it is every bit a powerhouse as their vendillion cousins.