Is it worth it to buy a Pokemon EX / GX Box? A Pokemon TCG Review

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Many Pokemon trainers ask the question, is it worth it to buy a Pokemon Box?

Boxes, both EX and now GX, are very similar to Pokemon tins in that they include 4 booster packs and a promo card, but unlike tins the boxes also contain a jumbo oversized foil card. While this video will examine boxes as an overall product, it will put particular focus on both the previously released Flygon EX box, as well as the more recently released Snorlax GX box, using both as examples from which and through which to illustrate points.

So, are boxes a worthy way to wade into card collectors waters, or just a weighty waste of worthless cardboard clutter to be left by the wayside? Let’s find out!

Pokemon EX and GX boxes have an MSRP of $19.99 and contain the following: a promo EX card, 4 booster packs from recent sets, and an oversized “jumbo” foil, an online code to recieve these contents for free on pokemon online, and that’s all.

At $4.00 each the four booster packs would have cost you 16.00, meaning that the remaining promo, oversized foil, and online code are all being purchased by you for $3.99. And thus we have the primary subjective aspect to boxes.

Would you pay $3.99 for this? In the example of the Flygon EX card, the card can be purchased individually for $3.95, and the online code for $1.00, meaning that if you were to want to purchase the individual components of the flygon-ex box, then it would cost you more or less the same as the msrp of the box, minus of course the oversized foil.