Distance Between The Planes | Magic: The Gathering

As the Phyrexian infection spreads, many Magic: The Gathering planeswalkers have taken to social distancing and self-isolation.

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Letícia Mei as “Jace” @letsongakemi
Vanessa Leigh as “The Wanderer” @VanessaLeighCos
Tappy Toe Claws as “Nahiri” / “Oko” @TappyToeClaws
Nadine “Nissa Cosplay” as “Huatli” / “Kashmina” @NissaCosplay
Olivia Gobert-Hicks as “Liliana” @goberthicks
Zenaide Beckham as “Serra” @ZBexx
TarmoKat as “Vraska” @TarmoKat
Ashlen Rose as “Nissa” @AshlenRose
Christine Sprankle as “Chandra” @cspranklerun

Art by Ishton @Ishton
Animations by Geoffrey Palmer @livingcardsmtg
Music by Kevin Macleod