Build A Modern MTG Deck For Only $30? Go GOBLINS! Cheap Magic: The Gathering Budget Ideas

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Do you want to play Modern at Friday Night Magic and other tournaments at your Local Game Store? Do you feel it is too expensive?

Modern is actually a very affordable format, and while there are some high cost decks, the is also the possibility to create FNM competitive decks for about $30.

One deck I’d like to show you today is Modern Goblins. This is a budget version that can be put together for about $30. A very similar version is capable of 4-0 on Magic Online, as shown here:

Will this deck win you a PRO Tour? Nope! That’s not the point. The point is to be able to test the waters of Modern, see if you like the format, and play somewhat competitively at a Modern FNM at your shop for about $30 (roughly the cost of an event deck).

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