A Review of Dice and Accessories for Magic The Gathering: Tarmodie, Oracle Inserts, Monster Rocks

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Monster Rocks:

Tarmodie from Star City Games: http://sales.starcitygames.com/carddisplay.php?productids[]=1331265

Kakapopo Dice & Boxes: http://kakapopotcg.com/

Oracle Inserts:

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When it comes to dice, dividers, tokens and other accessories for Magic: The Gathering, there’s a whole host of items to utilize. That’s why This video will compare and contrast the Tarmo-die from StarCity games, monster rocks from newport games, the zinc spin downs from kakapopo and the oracle inserts from oracle. which have true purpose and function and which are little more than empty fluff? Let’s take a look.

Let’s begin with monster rocks from newport games. Sold in sets of 12, monster rocks are 6 sided die meant to represent magic the gathering creature tokens. On each side is both a creature emblem as well as numerical power/toughness from 1-6, in other words one side is a 1/1, another a 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5 and 6/6.

This allows one d6 to act as one of 6 potential tokens you might utilyze during gameplay. Since these are essentially numbered 1-6, they can still be used to roll as a traditional D6.

Because of the emblem and power/toughness marking, it is easier to indicate when a die is tapped than, say with just a regular d6. Being able to use one die for 6 potential tokens is also advantageous in terms of size and storage.

Where do these fall on the function versus fluff scale? I’d say somewhat more towards function than just fluff. Yes, they look nice, can be seen as adding style to your gameplay, and of course there is always the reasonable argument of just using actual tokens during gameplay.

But there’s a real function here as well, letting a handful of compact d6’s represent a host of potential creatures makes for both saving space and multi purpose. Anyone playing a massive token deck who has had to dig endlessly for the 5/5 when they have only 1/1 and 2/2 tokens in front of them can see the appeal.

Each order contains 12 great looking 6 sided die
Can be rolled as a normal D6 by using 1/1 as 1 and so on
Fun way to represent tokens in games like Magic the Gathering
Comes with dice cube
Cost is 11.99 for 12. Grade: solid B.

Next up from Kakapopo are designer dice, or more specifically, designer spindown dice.